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White Oak Pastures

CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop: July 2024

CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop: July 2024

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July 29-31, 2024

Our three-day workshop on solar grazing is an innovative approach to sustainable land use that combines renewable energy production with responsible livestock grazing. This unique experience offers a deep dive into the intricacies of solar grazing, led by experts from White Oak Pastures and solar site owners/managers. Over the course of three days, you will explore various aspects of solar grazing, from site tours to contract negotiations, and gain insights into how this practice can be integrated into diverse farm operations.

Content for the three-day long experience includes:

  • Field visits at two solar farms with differing designs to familiarize the participants with varying challenges/benefits of each design. 
  • Participants were shown how to perform a rotational grazing field move with the White Oak Pastures sheep/herd.
  • Detailed overview of capital expenditures and resources a solar grazer may need/encounter and the pros/cons with each type. 
  • Panel discussions with industry leaders in regenerative agriculture, Owner/Operators of Solar facilities, and Solar Grazers
  • Insight into the bidding, contracting, and execution phases of solar grazing.
  • Detailed historical outline of regenerative agriculture implementation at White Oak Pastures
  • Introduction to fundamental soil health principles
  • Discussions and demonstration of how sensitive solar equipment is protected from grazing animals. 
  • Previously grazed and yet-to-be-grazed paddocks visible for comparison.
  • Discussion/demonstration of how sensitive solar equipment is protected from grazing animals.
  • Site-specific discussion of how animals are delivered, loaded, and handled while on-site (Portable handling equipment, Loading ramps/chutes Truck/trailer turnaround space)
  • Demonstration/discussion of watering methods and equipment
  • Discussion of grazing goals (forage quality, soil improvement, forage height relative to solar panels, etc.)
  • From the perspective of solar site owners/managers, what characteristics make for an ideal solar grazing vendor?
  • What is a typical sheep stocking rate, and how is it affected by seasonality, precipitation, and forage type?
  • How often is an increase or decrease in the stocking rate necessary? How dramatic are the swings?
  • What animal classes work best for solar grazing (e.g., dry ewes, weaned lambs)?
  • A lot of Question-and-Answer discussion panels to make certain all participants had an opportunity to get their specific questions answered.

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If your travel plans include flying, please note that the closest airports to the farm are a bit too far for ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft. We recommend making arrangements for a rental car to ensure you have adequate transportation.

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