A Bold Return to Giving a Damn

Written by Will Harris

In addition to his remarkable achievements in humane animal husbandry and farming, Will Harris is now channeling his pioneering spirit and vast experience into the realm of education. This new focus on educating others marks a significant evolution in his journey as a leader in regenerative agriculture. Although the shift towards education is new, and extends his reach beyond the fields of White Oak Pastures, the values that have always driven him: cultivating healthy land, raising healthy animals, and revitalizing rural communities, remain the same. This new shift is an invitation for others to join the effort.

His commitment to education is rooted in his belief that sharing knowledge and experiences is crucial for the widespread adoption of regenerative farming practices. Through educational initiatives, Will aims to inspire and empower the next generation of farmers, consumers, and policy makers to make informed decisions that support environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and resilient agricultural ecosystems.

By including Will's book on the Center for Agricultural Resilience website, we not only celebrate his past accomplishments but also support his current mission to educate. His book serves as a cornerstone of this educational endeavor, providing readers with an in-depth look at the principles and practices that have made him a respected figure in regenerative agriculture. Through his teachings, Will Harris continues to influence and shape a more sustainable future, demonstrating that education is a powerful tool in the movement towards a more resilient and ethical agricultural system.

Why did you write the book?

"As I approached 40 years of age my view of how I should treat my land, my herd, and my community radically evolved... in ways that I would never have expected. My perception of what is good land stewardship. and what is good animal welfare, and what is good community service turned upside down. Good land management came to mean giving up utilizing harmful industrial reductionist science tools like pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Good animal welfare came to mean moving from merely not treating animals with cruelty to allowing them to express their instinctive behavior.

Good community development came to mean evolving my hometown [Bluffton, Georgia] from a literal ghost town into a delightful little village. I realized that what I had done was good, and important, and highly replicable. I understood that if I could tell my story to other farmers and ranchers, they too could find the courage to step outside the horribly damaging commodity agricultural production system.I wanted to share my 30-plus-year journey with others who might decide to make the same choice."

Where to Order the Book

What do you hope the book will accomplish?

I hope that this book will help farmers and ranchers [and those who aspire to become farmers and ranchers] find the confidence to turn their backs on industrial, centralized, commodity agricultural system and work with nature to provide a food system that repairs the damage that we have created over the last 75 years.

Chapter 1 Excerpt

How can folks help?

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